7 Possible Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt (Other Than a Cavity)

Many patients associate any type of tooth discomfort to be a cavity. There are multiple reasons why your teeth can hurt, here are a list of 7 other possibilities. If you are experiencing discomfort, please call Piney Creek Family Dentistry to schedule an examination. During your appointment, symptoms and radiographs will be assessed to make a clinical diagnosis.  Our team of professionals will guide you through the best treatment according to the cause of your discomfort. 

 1. You Brush Too Hard and It's Led to Gum Recession

2. You Have A Gum Infection

3. You've Experienced Tooth Trauma

4. You Have a Severe Sinus Infection

5. You Grind or Clench Your Teeth While Sleeping

6. You Recently Had Fillings or Drilling Done to Your Teeth

7. You Have a Cracked Tooth

~Dr Tiffany Fritz and Piney Creek Family Dentistry Team