October is Dental Hygiene Awareness Month!

7 Tips to Maintaining your Oral Hygiene:

  1. Brush Twice per day- Brush with a soft bristle brush in the morning and before bed, 2min per time brushing. 

  2. Mouthwash- try a daily antiseptic mouthwash. We recommend using an Alcohol Free mouthwash, either Listerine or Closys makes this type. ACT mouthwash is great with helping reduce your decay risk!

  3. Floss- Aim for 2-3 times per week at minimum! The more you floss, the better plaque removal between the teeth you will get!

  4. Sugar-say so long to sugar! Xylitol is a natural sweetener in several brands of gum and mints that are a better choice! Ex- IceBreakers IceCubes, Spry gum, Ice Chips Candy (found at Sprouts)

  5.  Calcium-Calcium is essential for healthy teeth. Milk is not enough to maintain optimal oral health, make sure you are sufficient with Vit D.

  6. Water- Drink plenty of water. Water helps prevent excessive acid buildup, prevents dry mouth (major catalyst for tooth decay), and aids in saliva production.

     7. Apples- An apple a day keeps the cavities away. Adding fruits and veggies that                have hard skin, crunchy texture helps clean off plaque and debris on your teeth.

All Patients seen in the month of October will be automatically entered into a drawing for a Sonicare Flexcare electric toothbrush! Value- $129.99

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