Do You Have Dry Mouth?


If you are experiencing dry mouth on a regular basis, there are a few products that can help! Biotine gel and mouthwash are commonly used products, but there are other products that can be tried! XyliMelts have made an impact on patients dental health and comfort!

What are XyliMelts? XyliMelts are oral-adhering discs that stick to your teeth or gums to relieve persistent dry mouth. Use XyliMelts during the day or while sleeping and find temporary relief from frequent thirst, sticky dryness in the mouth and throat, and other unpleasant dry mouth symptoms. Made with xylitol, a natural sweetener that helps stimulate saliva flow, XyliMelts utilize adhering disc technology to slowly release 550 mg of xylitol, which is most effective when continuously released and lingers in the mouth. This can be of great benefit when used while sleeping which is when saliva flow is lowest. XyliMelts last for hours, moisturizing and coating the mouth for optimal comfort. The mild mint flavor and saliva stimulation freshen your breath and xylitol reduces the risk of tooth decay.

If you would like more information on various products for dry mouth, please ask us at your next appointment!