Summer Break: An Ideal time for Wisdom Teeth Removal

After your son or daughter departs for college, the last thing you want is a call or text to learn he or she is in pain. Dr Tiffany Fritz and our team at Piney Creek Family Dentistry will not say there are many dental emergencies that can be avoided, but early removal of wisdom teeth is one preventive measure to take!

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that erupt in the late teens to early 20's. Spacing and crowding problems often cause impactions and infections, which is why many people elect to have their wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth can go from barely noticeable to extremely painful quickly depending on how they attempt to erupt.

When your teens wisdom teeth begin eruption, they can initiate or increase crowding in their mouth causing a negative effect on alignment. Most people do not have enough space in their mouth for eruption of wisdom teeth and remain perfectly aligned. Thus, pain, swelling, infection,  damage to adjacent teeth based on position next to the second molars,  and decay are the most common problems associated with wisdom teeth. 

If your child does undergo wisdom teeth removal, we want to inform you that the first few days following surgery consist of careful measures to control bleeding and swelling, soft diet,  as well a medication routine recommended by the surgeon. 

Summer break is the perfect time to remove wisdom teeth so that the stressful situation of pain or infection can be taken care of when it does not interfere with school schedules.  

If your child has not had a panoramic Xray taken recently to know the growth and position of their wisdom teeth please give our office a call. 

We are welcoming Dr Tyler Nelson, an Oral Surgeon, into our practice to perform surgery on our patients beginning in July! We are looking forward to taking care of your dental surgical needs at Piney Creek Family Dentistry.

~Dr Tiffany Fritz and Piney Creek Team